Thursday, November 20, 2008

When The Pharmaceutical Companies Take Over My Blog

Remember what I was saying?

E3's head cold morphed overnight into a nasty chest thing that had her coughing with a long haaaaaacccck at the end, leading the listener to believe that she had thrown up. And she'd do that every five minutes or so. That cough laughed at the Benadryl I served E3.

Last night, it kicked it up a notch into short puffs of crackly breaths with a pathetic whimper at the end.

After using her Albuterol inhaler and tucking her into bed, I snuggled next to her, filled with doubt as to whether that was the right thing; should we take her to the emergency room, or just put her in the bathroom with the shower running? She fell asleep, which left me awake in my own bed wondering.

This morning we left the doctor's office with a prescription for Zithromax and Prednisone...and the doctor's recommendation that E3 get the flu shot. Her reasoning was that if a cold often results in this sort of respiratory situation, this 'reactive airway', the flu would leave her much sicker.

I was too relieved at having something in my hand that would ease E3's breathing to get into a debate about the effectiveness of last year's flu strain being used to combat this year's flu.

Tonight she came home from Grandma and Grandpa's full of excitement because, "Mom! I can take a big breath and not cough!"


Ali said...

The joy of an asthmatic kid who suddenly remembers again what it feels like to breath. Breaks your heart, doesn't it?

Glenda said...

Aw, poor punkin, and mom too. Yay for meds that help breathing return to normal. How is the rest of your household faring?

Julia said...

Aww, poor thing. I'm glad she's feeling better.