Saturday, November 22, 2008


Well, nablopomo came to a crashing halt last night as I fell asleep on the couch, fire crackling in the hearth, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on tv.

It's the first thing I thought of this morning...What did I post last night? Uh oh. Nothing. For what it's worth, I composed at least three blog posts in my mind yesterday - they just never made it to the computer.

Rob and I had long ago scheduled last night to be James Bond night so we could catch the new movie Quantum of Solace. We also got new sneakers and had a lovely dinner at JBuck's (best gooey butter cake dessert EVER). Usually after a night out like that, where we're free of kids because they're staying at the Grandparent's, we'll head to the winery and hang out for a bit. Last night though, all Rob wanted was to start a fire and so he did. NOT that going to the winery would have improved my chances of getting in a blog post, mind you.

I guess it's just as well. If I recall correctly from last year, it gets to be a bit of a hassle for me around the Thanksgiving holiday anyway.

There's always next year!

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Glenda said...

How'd you like the new Bond flick? I'm wanting to see it tomorrow.

At home in front of a fire sounds far more lovely than sitting in a winery, but I don't like wine so perhaps my perspective is slightly skewed LOL.