Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I've Been Too Cocky

Every year when the flurry of alerts for flu shots begins, I loftily think of myself as exempt. I don't really trust the flu shot; created from last year's flu strain, but designed to fight off this year's bug doesn't compute with me.

Just a couple of weeks ago at E2's well-child visit it was offered to us...and I declined.

Today I have a migraine (not unusual), and a bit of a sour stomach - also not uncommon during a migraine...but it's not like the usual nausea I sometimes have with a migraine.

In separate, isolated incidents tonight, both E1 and E2 complained of stomach pain. At bedtime, both agreed to a chewable Pepto.

E3 sprouted a head cold overnight and has been stuffy, snotty, and peeved that she must mouth breathe all day.

Rob may run for the hills tomorrow...

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Julia said...

I don't trust it either. We're going to the doctor today because I think the kids have strep.