Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hittin' The Hut

It's Book-It season again, and tonight the girls and I used their first certificates for free pizza. Once again, we were at our favorite Pizza Hut - the one with trivia cards on the table - and E1 and E2 took turns reading questions while the rest of us answered. E3's trivia skills, as you'll see, are still on fire.

E2: What does it mean if you're "batting" and "blanketing" your house? Closing it for the winter, insulting it, or cleaning it?

Me: Closing it for the winter.

E3: I agree with Mom.

E1: Cleaning it.

E2: Insulting it.

Me: What? Wait. I think you mean insulating it.

E1: Which actress from the Charlie's Angels tv series released two albums?

Me: Kate Jackson?

E2: I don't know.

E1: Cheryl Ladd.

E3: That's what I was thinking.


Julia said...

ROFL! I love reading your girls' conversations.

Ali said...

LOL! Insulting your house.

I keep forgetting to sign up for the pizza hut thing. Drat.

Beth said...

which PH is your favorite? In which town?

Nancy R said...

Beth, the one in Mascoutah is our favorite.