Friday, May 09, 2008

Scenes From An Italian-ish Restaurant

The girls and I dined at Pizza Hut tonight to use the last set of Book-it certificates they earned in the reading program this year. This particular Pizza Hut has assorted Trivial Pursuit question cards in the table-top container normally reserved for packets of sugar and sweetener. Upon getting seated, the girls immediately begin fishing through the box to find all the Young Players Edition cards and they take turns asking questions while we wait for our order.

E2: What is the name of the imaginary line at 0 degrees latitude that goes around the Earth?

E1: Equator

Me: Equator

E2: You're right. Equator.

E3: I guessed Equator too.


E1: What is albumen - egg yolk or egg white?

Me: Egg white.

E2: I guess that too.

E1: Yep, egg white.

E3: I guessed egg white too.


E2: What is the name of the small grey animal, valued for it's fur, that is found in the...Mom, what is A N D E S?

Me: Andes.

E2: Found in the Andes?

Me: I'm going to guess chinchilla.

E1: The grey wolf?

E2: Mom's right; it's chinchilla.

(All those episodes of Diego just paid off! Chin chill UH! SAY IT LOUDER!)

E3: I guessed chinchilla too.


E1: Which member of Fleetwood Mac teamed up with Tom Petty in the song 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around'?

Me: Chrissy Hines (was Chrissy Hines even in Fleetwood Mac? I think it was Christie McVie).

E2: I guess that too.

E1: Nope. Stevie Nicks.

E3: I guessed Stevie Nicks.


Glenda said...

I pick E3 to be on my side next time I play Trivial Pursuit ;-).

Ali said...

Those E's are awfully cute.

Chrissie Hynde was in the Pretenders. Christine McVie was in Fleetwood Mac, but I wouldn't have remembered her so I would've guessed Stevie Nicks. Never would've gotten chinchilla, though. Diego and all things Dora are banned in this house (not by me).

Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day, Nancy. I came upon your blog and have been smiling with great memories of the midwest! Give those E's a great big hug from me - and Rob, too! I'll hopefully see you in a few weeks when I'm home!
--Rob's favorite cousin in VA

Nancy R said...

Hi Heather!