Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life List #32

On a recent trip to St. Louis - one where we completed a Craigslist transaction - Rob took me out for a little treat to celebrate our success and, knock something off my life list.

I kept it simple with a Ted Drewes butterscotch concrete.

"It's SO GOOD you guys...AND gals!"


Peggy said...

Wow I live right down the street from Ted Drews!
How did you like it?
In another month or so the parking lot will be full of Christmas trees.
So what was your craigslist find?

Nancy R said...

Peggy, we picked up a student desk for our oldest daugher.

Ted Drewes was awesome! Rob works not too far from there and he and his coworkers often enjoy their concretes. They're very tasty!