Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Armchair Dancing Quarterback

I missed Dancing With The Stars last week, and had to watch it on Hulu.com the next day...I don't know if it's our computer, or our internet connection...but it's slightly painful to watch it there as the action is so choppy it's almost like watching still photos set to music...well, behind the music really.

Since I was watching completely interrupted I decided to take notes for further analysis here...and then I didn't get to them...and then another night of dancing took place last night...and I didn't take notes last night so now my plan is all messed up...

What can I say? The month of October is a bit crazy krazee cRaZY, and no one outside of my household seems to understand the importance of Monday Night Dancing With The Stars.

So, here are my thoughts thus far, in no particular order of course:

Rick and Cheryl - eh, not doing too bad considering their height difference.

Florence and Corky - I still like Florence and hope she hangs tough for a while longer.

Brandy and Maks - I think I like Maks better than Brandy at this point...can't put my finger on what it is about her, but I don't think she fully trusts that he knows what he's doing. I like it when he gooses Tom Bergeron.

Michael and Chelsey - well, he's gone as of last week and after the doghouse bit I think it's well-deserved...not sure how Chelsey didn't see that as degrading.

Audrina and Tony - they're okay, but sorta beige as a dancing couple.

Jennifer and Derrik - She's still my favorite.

Margaret Cho and Louie - they did great last week...this week, mmm, it was all over the place, wasn't it?

Corey and Lacey - I liked their routine last week, but this week's not as much.

Kurt and Anna - they're doing okay, but I think Kurt's going to have to up his game for next week.

Situation and Karina - they're just so-so for me...I'm annoyed that he goes by The Situation and would like to see him gone for that reason alone.

Bristol and Mark - they're not doing too bad, but Bristol too will need to up her performance for next week.

I don't remember who was at the bottom score-wise, but honestly, there are so many who are just sort of fair to middlin' it's hard to predict who might get the boot tonight. I think, having seen so many seasons now, that I'm often swayed by the stars' attitudes. Whining about how hard this is? Well, maybe it's time you left. I think we're all aware that it's difficult. I also think we all know that it's best if the star trusts the professional to do what they do best. So suck it up and dance. In that respect, I think it might be Brandy that needs to dance her final dance.

So, who do you suppose will go home tonight?

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