Friday, September 24, 2010

I Must Be Doing It Wrong

We've gotten rid of items though online methods over the last several years. We gave away an old, doubtfully collectible but definitely retro-cool, refrigerator (with a foot pedal for opening the door!) on Freecycle. We sold our washing machine on Craigslist earlier this year after our dryer bit the dust and we replaced the set. Good old seems like such a simple way to get rid of something we no longer need, but still has some value. When we ordered our new washer and dryer we had to pay $60 for delivery, so that's the price we decided to ask for the washer we were selling - it was only a few years old, in great condition and worked just fine.

Then the inquiries began. People asked about it, but then never replied to my answers...sort of like watching your fishing line and waiting for that nibbler to bite.

After that came the hagglers...and I know, I KNOW, that's all part and parcel to selling something...and I should just price things higher so I have room to negotiate and still get my bottom line...but I'm more of a 'don't be greedy - price it to sell' kind of thinker.

Eventually it sold and, after some phone-tag, the buyer picked it up and it was over.

I tell myself it's better than having a garage sale, but sometimes I wonder.

Now, I find myself on the other side of the Craigslist equation - a potential buyer. I've replied to five or six sellers expressing interest in the items they have posted and asking for the dimensions (note to Craigslist sellers: item dimensions should always be included, especially on pieces of furniture).

Only two have replied.

One gave me the dimensions and noted that he had since discovered that it was A SuchAndSuch, part of their SwankyLine...and a couple of hours later the listing had been removed.

The other replied to say their item sold.

So what's with the other sellers? Why would someone list an item for sale and then not respond to potential buyers? I still have three of the items we're searching for pulled up in separate tabs on my computer, and I periodically refresh them to see if the listing has been removed...but I guess it's naive of me to think that everyone comes back and removes the listing after the item has sold.

Anyone have any good Craigslist advice?

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Tracie said...

I wish Craigslist had a rating system. We follow proper Craigslist etiquette both as sellers and buyers but it seems only about half do...