Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wish List

  • I went to a different grocery store than our usual small-town place the other day and noticed they had signs on their doors that read "Did you remember your re-usable shopping bags?" I would like all stores to have these signs, only out in the parking lot where I can see them while I'm still in, or at least near, my car.
  • What Mir said.

  • Clarity on exactly what I'm doing "with all that free time" I should have now that all three kids are in school...people keep asking, and I don't have an closets aren't any closer to being decluttered though.

  • Manufacturers that make women's tops/blouses/shirts/sweaters that cover the top of my pants even when I raise my arms over my head...or more manufacturers that carry a tall line of clothing.

  • My sinuses to go into hibernation for the winter. Seriously. Enough already.

  • And a partridge in a pear tree.


Glenda said...

The grocery store I frequent the most has those signs on the things out in the parking lot where you leave your grocery cart. I'm in the habit of taking them to the grocery store (and remembering to take them in!), but it's when I go to other, non-grocery stores that I forget to bring them.

Lisa said...

LOVE the photo at the sculpture park. And I just forgot the other thing I was going to say... Bah.

Oh the sinus thing... I feel ya there! All I'd like for Christmas is a month without a sinus headache.

Oh and I have one child and get asked that question alot. I end up feeling like a great big slacker. You would think with one child my house would be cleaner. It isn't. I tell people about the StLFam site and that I volunteer alot. (I have been so its all true.)