Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Appliance Of My Memories

I can't even believe they still make these! That makes me sound really old, doesn't it?

Photo from West Bend, who has no idea who I am and is in no way affiliated with me.
This is not a paid ad or review, just fond memories.
I had one of these in college, and it was the best thing ever. Small microwaves were just becoming affordable for poor college students (I now sound positively archaic), but this dandy was far better.
I affectionately called it "the appliance" because that was easier than saying "the four-quart slow-cooker" (mine was a lowly 4qt. model).
The base could be used as a griddle...grilled cheese anyone? Or maybe pancakes? BACON?!
The non-stick pot, perfect for heating up a can of soup or Spaghetti-o's, or making Stove-Top stuffing, or mac-n-cheese ('cause Easy Mac didn't exist yet) could also be used on a stovetop-not that I had a stove top. Stereotypical Ramen noodles - HA! Although it could be used for making those too.
The glass lid on mine, different from what is pictured here, could be inverted on the base so the base could keep food in the glass dish warm, but also could be used as a casserole dish in an oven- not that I had an oven either.
I still have mine, and we use it mostly for large family gatherings where we've grilled a lot and need to keep the food warm. The heating element is a bit finicky these days...but back in the old college days, man, I could make Rice Krispy treats in the non-stick pot and then press them into the glass 'casserole' lid. It left the alternative, hot pots, in the dust.
It was The Awesome, before the phrase The Awesome ever existed.


Ali said...

Love the rice krispy treats in the crockpot lid!

I should use my crockpot more. Perhaps a New Year's resolution is in order, there.

Katie's blog said...

Love that post. Have a Happy New Year! I went to Rural King - the boys always thought it was Royal King - but they didn't have the cookbook. I will have to go back again.