Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Piloting Her Imagination

She'll have one of these for Christmas, please.

On the way home from gymnastics tonight we drove past the Air Force Base and the 'search light' spotlight was flashing from atop the hospital. E3 asked me to remind her what that light was for (we had just discussed it on Sunday evening) and I said it was for helicopters in the event they need to land on the hospital.

E3: Why would a helicopter need to land on the hospital?

Me: Sometimes in an emergency, when a person needs to go to a bigger hospital like the ones in St. Louis, they put them in the helicopter and fly them because flying is faster than driving in an ambulance.

E3: When you went...when you had me and E2 and E3...did you drive or did you take a helicopter?

We drove, but in the interest of full disclosure we SO would have taken a helicopter if that was a non-emergency option.

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Greybeard said...

Thank God it wasn't an issue!
Be well, WWR.