Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lesson: Never Run Out of Paper Towels

Checking in for a moment...taking deep breaths so as to ward off looming holiday anxiety...

Yesterday was a day, man.

Clogged sink (you don't want to know, really).

Clogged toilet.

Kid moaning and groaning about going to school - it was a Monday thing, but come on - it's the last full day before the holiday break.

Same kid was EXTRA clingy and whiny, despite having an "awesome", "fun" day at school.

Kids WOUND UP - seriously, wickedly WOUND. UP. after getting home from school - seeming to argue, alternating with MAXIMUM hilarity over all farts and burps while attempting to determine protocol for who wakes whom on Christmas morning based on all possible scenarios. (E3: What's a scenario?)

Broken zipper on coat that's only a month old - we're not done talking about this, Old Navy.

Volunteer gift wrappers screwing around while wrapping gifts - both using the same roll and not paying attention to the fact that they need to cut carefully or they will both run out mid-gift...long story...but it's the one that had my head in my hands taking deep breaths and thinking "it falls out of my holly jolly butt" before dismissing the volunteers with the instructions to go do something QUIET.

(not kid/work friendly)

All that mixed in with following-up on a couple of gifts that we still need - all ordered and whatnot, just need to get them all here for wrapping - sending in the proper teacher, etc. gifts, planning the kg holiday party, planning groceries/meals for the next week or so, and the general household stuff...I was ready to tap out.

I'm hoping for a better day today...which may be asking a lot - it's party day at school, followed by an early dismissal. One of the teachers already thanked me for her gift though, so it's looking up already.

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