Friday, November 13, 2009

Flying Into The Weekend

I finally got a chance to watch GLEE on today. How long before Finn splits with Quinn, do you think? Every week I ponder how they will resolve that whole baby situation. I would love to let E1 watch...but there are some parts of it that I'm not sure I want her to see/hear...I'd rather selfishly enjoy the show than turn it into a teachable moment every week. That said, I liked the handicap theme this week, and I totally loved the wheel chair number with Rolling On The River.

And now I really want to go see Wicked...


Glenda said...

I'll have to go back and watch the scene b/t Artie & Tina b/c Andrew walked in to ask me something and I missed the brunt of it.

Finn is annoying. That Puck is a hottie hot hottie AND he knows how to make a buck . . . sure, a little illegally ;-), but let's not quibble!

My favorite scenes were b/t Kurt & his dad (who I loved when he was on "Yes, Dear"). And the scene with Coach Sue & her sister.

I'm really quite over Mr. Shue & his crazy-wife, and Emma & Coach Ken, and Rachel & Finn. They can eliminate those characters now and bring forward everyone else!!

Glenda said...

Also, I don't know if you already read TLo's blog, but they recap Glee every week and I love their recaps + reading all the comments. They also recap Lost & Mad Men, if you watch either of those shows :).

Their most recent Glee recap: