Monday, November 16, 2009

This May Be The Year

I've been gearing up to post something about finishing The Unhealthy Truth...I think I'm going to have to make notes on paper, because it feels overwhelming to just sit down and begin typing about it all.

Today, I was knocked flat by this post over at Ordinary Courage. I've re-read it three times and EVERY time I start crying about half-way through...I want to believe that each of those kinds of conversations with the girls will sound as magical coming out of my mouth as they do out of Brené Brown's. Our two oldest, particularly...sigh. I mean, I'm pretty sure they KNOW...but they've never asked as though they really wanted the truth. They always discuss it in a self-assuring sort of way..."Of course it's not Mom and Dad." It's so hard to find the right time and place to discuss something like that...especially with a little one who *should* still believe...but if I'm honest, I know there's a good chance they've discussed things with her.

I need to give some serious thought to making opportunities for this where we can nudge the door open and let them decide if they want to step through...because their hearts are definitely full of magic.

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Glenda said...

I finished The Unhealthy Truth a couple weeks ago (read a lot of it during our camping trip last month). I have many pages dog-earred and sentences/paragraphs underlined for quick referral ;-). Once I got past the "ugh, this is all so overwhelming" feeling that hit towards the beginning of the book, I was zooming along. It is VERY interesting stuff, very thought-provoking, although it did create much frustration on my part re: why our govt allows things so, so many other countries do not.

I did end up picking up from the library a couple of other, similar books she mentioned, but haven't started them yet. I switched gears and read No Impact Man, which I finished yesterday -- really enjoyed it. Between both books, I have all kinds of wheels turning in my brain ;-).

That was a sweet post you linked to. Andrew hasn't asked yet, but I'm logging away Brene's conversation for future reference :).