Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Scrapbooking Humor

Trust me that, after 8 or nine hours of scrap booking when your tush and lower back are aching from sitting in the same chair all day and you've had WAY too much sugar and caffeine, the following is funny.

Scrapper 1: "I don't know why I take so many pictures of the kids when they're naked."

Scrapper 2: "Oh, yeah. We've got all kinds of naked kid pictures at our house."


"Of our own kids, of course."

Hysteria-induced-hilarity kind of funny, but still funny.

I got about half way through 2007 in E3's album on Saturday - woo!


Lisa said...

That is funny. Laughed out loud. Thanks.

Julia said...


Have to say, I'm kind of jealous. I am STILL working on 07 for both kids but I do have all 07 and 08 pics printed, so I guess that counts for something.

Glenda said...

I read this post last night when I was in the middle of a Law & Order:SVU episode about kiddie porn. Bad timing!!

But, yeah, it cracked me up anyway.