Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surviving The Climb

The climb of Mt. Laundry, that is...five people make a lot of laundry in one week. Plus, we came home to warm weather (and high winds full of oak pollen) and turned on the air conditioner...only to realize on the way home from a family wedding that evening the we still had flannel sheets on the beds. So, add flannel bedding to the height of Mt. Laundry. It's almost back to a manageable place now, since I'm leaving the flannels on the bunk beds until the bed switch this weekend.

Other than that, and the 400 or so photos I need to go through...First Communion, California, family wedding, Rob's birthday, niece's first birthday...things are mostly back to normal. Well, normal for here anyway...

F: Is there roasted frog legs for lunch?

E3: No. There's roasted people legs and roasted bad guys.

F: Yum!

Please, join the "food line", won't you?

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Ali said...

Funny/sad that it was chilly in Long Beach and hot once you got home. I hope you had a good time despite the weather!