Friday, April 18, 2008

We'll Start With The MRSA.

So, about three weeks ago at bedtime E2 showed me this pimple/wart looking thing on her leg. It was bedtime, did I say that? Anyone who's ever tried shuffling three kids through the bedtime gauntlet at once will understand my reply.

"Okay. We'll keep an eye on it. Now get in bed."

Because it was time for bed and time for the day to end.

So, fast forward to the Sunday night after Rob and I returned from Memphis; we were again shuffling three kids through the bedtime routine, after they'd spent the day celebrating Grandpa's birthday with all their cousins. I happened to catch E2's leg out of the corner of my eye.

"Is that the thing you showed me on your leg the other day?"

I'm obviously the attentive-type of parent since I totally blew off my own suggested treatment of 'let's keep an eye on that' and the result was now an angry red lump, hot with an epicenter that threatened to blow (thankfully, it didn't look anything like what I've seen in my Internet searching of MRSA!). I put some antibiotic ointment on it with a band-aid and asked her if it hurt; she said only when she pushed against it when she would get up from the floor. I was fired up and ready to call the doctor, but the next evening I looked again and it seemed like the pimple had come to a head.

Yes, of course I squeezed it which is SO WRONG and yet I wanted to speed things along. So, we put on more ointment and a new band-aid. The next night it looked a little better, and as I was applying the band-aid E2 said she thought we should have the doctor look at it. I had just been comforting myself with the thought that it was changing, so it was probably improving, but, E2's request let me give way to the worried part of me from Sunday night that was still skulking around.

Wednesday after school was the appointment with the doctor, where she essentially declared it MRSA as soon as she laid eyes on it. We got oral meds, and stronger ointment to be applied to the sore, AND intranasally. Yes, we put it in her nose. Apparently that's where all the cool MRSA bacteria colonize and begin their own communes.

My first thought, upon hearing the diagnosis, was, "Damn, that's another thing I have to warn J about." My poor pregnant sister-in-law is exposed to yet another creepy thing because of us.

I emailed family and the school, and I let her gym know the next day. Shared gym equipment is a concern with this type of Community Associated MRSA - and actually, I suspect it may be where she got it as it's the only place, besides here at home, where her legs have been exposed this winter.

One of the office ladies (remember the recipient of the rude email intended for Rob?) replied to my email and said her youngest child had had MRSA as well. Either she, or the doctor, warned me that other spots might pop up on her leg. Hmmm, or maybe it was Rob's aunt - she's an RN and I spoke with her about it the day we got the diagnosis.

I washed bedclothes, blankets, and sleeping bags, and warned Rob's parents to do the same with any bedding E2 may have used while they spent the week at their house.

Over the weekend, two more tiny pin-head spots showed up not far from the original spot. We began treating them with the ointment as well.

Last night, as she was applying lotion after her shower, E2 found another spot on her leg.

This morning was the last dose of her oral meds.

I'm a little freaked that she's still having spots appear this far into her meds and we have a follow-up appointment scheduled with the doctor this afternoon.

E2 also has an open wound on her other leg from a spill she took on our bike ride last night and the doctor's nurse advised me to use the ointment on that until it heals because as long as it's open it's in danger of MRSA infection.

I washed their bedclothes again today.

For some reason 'Boil it in Beezlenut Oil' from Horton Hears A Who keeps running through my mind.

I emailed Dr. Jay Gordon, MD - he's the guy who's helping Jenny McCarthy lead the charge against vaccines suspected of causing Autism. If he's good enough for Jenny, he's good enough for me! Actually, he used to be one of the 'Pro's' at Moms Online back in the day and he's always seemed like good people. His reply was in my inbox the next morning and it included answers to some of my questions, along with the reminder to push pro-biotics (aka: have E2 eat some yogurt). He also said he'd take my suggestion and work on writing about MRSA on his site.

In the meantime, we're doing a lot of hand washing. I'll keep you posted.


Tammy said...

I must look this up but it sounds frightening. I hope it heal fast!

Anonymous said...

This year is not a good year for your kids.


Glenda said...

Thanks for the update; I'd been wondering.

Did they extend the oral meds at the follow-up yesterday?