Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hi, Blah Blah Blah Baby Wants Her House Done

MRSA still just sitting there - on second round of antibiotics - but at least no new spots. :::knocking on wood:::

You know how people always joke about home remodeling beginning with just one change and then snowballing? My brother-in-law wanted to replace the ceiling in his home and ended up gutting the place; an extreme version of that home remodeling joke if there ever was one.

They have a baby coming mid-May...or had...since baby had other plans...namely being born last Sunday. I think she got the impatience from both sides. But hey, Rob's an uncle by biology now! He says so far it's not too different from being an uncle by marriage.

All are healthy and well...just living like Nomads while we scramble to get the house finished. We're very close, and hopefully we'll be moving them back in this weekend.

While I'm off cleaning the daily construction messes and spending their money on stuff for their house, please enjoy this random photo of our very own tile-spacer retriever.


LL said...

Hi! Just a quick response to your comment on my blog - he actually has that book and that's what lead us to the discovery of the bark-giggle connection :) The book "Bark George!" was the encore.

Ali said...

You guys are awesome relatives. You know that, right? Congrats to the new parents!

I hope E's infection clears up soon. Scary stuff.