Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm Blogging To You All In My Head

I realize that doesn't make for good reading here, but things have been a little crazy.

Gymnastics day may be trying to kill me.

I've been to the zoo twice in less than a week.

We saw a new peanut doctor for E3

Girl scouts, Brownie scouts, t-ball practice starts this other words, it's Spring.

Tonight may be the first time in nearly a week that my family gets to sit down for dinner together.

So, until I get a chance to purge-by-typing, here's a link to a lovely story about a new spokesperson for ALS.


Anonymous said...

How's E2? How did the dr appt for E3 go?


Tammy said...

I remember weeks like these. :)
That is a powerful ad and I hope it comes out soon.

Sending peaceful vibes.