Monday, April 28, 2008

It's A Wart! No, It's A Pox!

But it's not MRSA, so says our regular doctor at our second follow-up appointment today. At the two previous appointments we had seen the Nurse Practitioner, and I was satisfied with her handling of the situation...but now I'm irritated that she missed this diagnosis - particularly at our second appointment when the bumps looked pretty much the same as they did today.

Our doctor said they were warts, molluscum contagiosum to be exact. However, Dr. R said they were warts...but everything I've read online says they're a distant cousin of smallpox.

So! Not as dire as MRSA, right? But, still contagious so we're still putting band-aids on for now while I research some kid-friendly options to speed things along. And, I will continue to wash her bedsheets and her bath towel more frequently (thank the heavens for the personalized big-kid hooded towel from Aunt Elaine!).

Hmmm, what else? I'm gearing up for a girls' weekend away with my Mother-in-law, which sounds funny when it's written like that...but anyway, we're going to visit her daughter, my Sister-in-law (and a regular provider Cherry Ski's when she's out visiting). When we first planned the trip I told my other Sister-in-law (the new Mom as of last Sunday) that even though she wouldn't be able to join us on this trip it was almost a guarantee that she'd have the baby this weekend. See, knowing my Mother-in-law like I do, I figured she'd plead with J not to have the baby while she was out of town - just like she did when I was expecting E3 - which would jinx things and J would indeed have the baby while we were gone.

Only my Mother-in-law gave J her 'don't birth the baby while I'm gone talk' sometime in the week before last Sunday.

Seriously. She does not know the power she wields with her words.

Also, while we're on a 'news of the weird' theme, J's water broke mere minutes after the official time of the full moon.

She's a little moon baby.

I've got some packing to do...and some planning to help things around here go smoothly while I'm gone.

But first, I must go cast my vote for Dancing With The Stars. Who are your favorites?

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Lisa said...

Congrats on that newest baby. And I hope your weekend with Bic and Carol is great fun. How could it not be with those two? They are awesome.