Wednesday, April 30, 2008

While I Am Out

I was speaking on the phone with my Mother-in-law tonight, going over our plans for our upcoming get-away and after she said she had everything in order I said I still had some last minute details to finalize. She conceded that I have a lot more to manage, since I've got the young whippersnappers to plan for as well as myself, and I confessed that the detailed 'to-do'-ish kind of list that I have typed out for Rob and my Father-in-law has me feeling like a very anal, controlling person.

It has the girls' day mapped out by time, including what they need to bring with them (clarinet to school on Thursday), and how they need to wear their hair (pony tails for gymnastics), and E3's snacktime (always).

She assured me that the list, similar to one I left when we were in Memphis, is very helpful and my Father-in-law is very appreciative of it's presence. I was glad to hear this, and said that I was essentially leaving notes so someone could do my job and someone in the workplace would do something similar... wouldn't they? She agreed.

It's always nice to have someone with whom you can rationalize your obsessiveness.

The girls meet their new cousin.

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Robo said...

If one of the guys left the office without a detailed note like this they'd get called on the carpet. Not obsessive, thorough is the word. Now get out there and get some dirt on you.