Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Walking In Memphis

We have a trip to Memphis coming up, and while our feet may wind up ten feet off of Beale, we're looking for recommendations for dining and things to do/see. Walking distance of downtown will be a plus.

We DO have a tentative jaunt to Graceland planned - it just feels like something that should be done when in Memphis.

Also, according to Google maps we'll be spending about 2 hours driving through Arkansas. I guess we'll have to see a site so I can make an official addition to my map.

In the meantime, throw out any suggestions you might have.


MitMoi said...

Felica Suzanne's. On Monroe - 80 Monroe to be exact. Awesome.

If you're into Memphis style BBQ - then you have to do the Rendevous - it's in an ally - right across from the Peabody. 52 S. Street. Just down from Felica Suzanne's.

Of course everyone should have at least one drink at the Peabody.

If you want a hamburger or wings - Huey's is the local hangout. On Union and 2nd.

Also? I am not a local. Just go there a lot on business. Hope this is helpful!

Nancy R said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Mitter!