Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Internets Are Educational

Thanks to my friend Glenda for posting the link to this map site (hopefully I've re-arranged my text here so the map is below the sidebar ads).

I used the term 'visited' loosely, because Michigan and Ohio were mostly 'stop to see a sight or two on our way through' kinds of visits. We may have spent the night in Michigan en route to Canada - Amy, do you remember? Michigan, I believe, was the location of the famed Walt line, "There's no room at this inn."

Also, a big thanks to Why Mommy over at ToddlerPlanet - her note about tonight's lunar eclipse had the girls and I freezing out on the front porch tonight. We huddled like penguins.

States I've visited:

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Robo said...

You need to add Arkansas. Do you not remember driving home through that state after our first TX visit? It was about 2 a.m. and we were zombied out?

amy said...

We had a layover in Little Rock en route to TX to visit Anita. Remember the puddle-jumper plane?

Nancy R said...

Both true, but since the drive through Arkansas probably only resulted in a gas-up, and the flight layover meant we never left the airport, I'm not including them as 'visits'.