Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dodging Housekeeping

As usual, when I'm traveling along with Rob on a trip I have to manage my free time around hotel housekeeping. This hotel doesn't have a 'do not disturb' sign that I can put on the door while I'm hanging out here in the room so I'm constantly on edge waiting for The Knock.

I try to be out of the room in the morning as I can, but I also want to sleep in a little bit since I don't have to get anyone off to school. However, yesterday it didn't matter - housekeeping didn't arrive until around 2pm. I'm fighting a possible head cold and am trying to rest a little bit each day (and my eyes are still bloodshot) which is kind of tricky when you're waiting for The Knock. One year, I don't recall what city we were in, The Knock came at 7:30am! Another year, back when E1 was a baby, I tried calling the front desk and asking to have our room cleaned because we were heading out for a walk - I wanted them gone by E1's nap time - and still, I was sitting in the room feeding E1 lunch when they finally arrived.

Last year in Destin, we were in a condo-type room and didn't have a housekeeper the entire time - unless we requested it. Sure, we had to keep things tidy ourselves, but it was worth it.

I was all set to upload some of the photos I've taken here in Memphis, but upon looking at the cable I tossed in the suitcase I realized it's not the one I need. I'm not actually sure what this cable is for...oh, heh, I just untangled it from the cell phone charger and it IS the cable for my camera. SO! I'll have to get on that after all.

Until then...what are the ways a hotel room creep you out? The girls I sometimes have a scrap booking weekend with all insist on folding the bedspread down and not using it because of some TV report that showed all the nastiness that can be contained there. On a past episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight (where they went to Disney), Kate wouldn't let the kids walk on the floor without shoes on because of possible nastiness.

What are your nastiness-prevention methods when staying in a hotel?

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Glenda said...

My mom takes her own sheets, pillow, and blanket to hotels/motels when her business travel isn't somewhere near where she has friends living, and if she's driving rather than flying. And I'd lay odds she doesn't walk barefoot inside her hotel/motel room. I'm pretty certain she's seen the "hotel nastiness" tv show you mentioned ;-).

Pretty much any travel I do involves us staying at a particular rental house with which we're very familiar, and which has a washer & dryer accessible to renters. If I get the heebie jeebies about the comforters, it's easy to wash and dry them myself.