Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Week In Weather

Over the last week we've had some wild swings in weather. Early last week, it was high winds that resulted in a 13-hour power outage which led us to camp out at the in-laws while they were basking in the Hawaiian sun.

Art was created, and homework completed by candlelight.

By Friday, we had ourselves a snow day.
Thankfully, the tree is still staked down from the time it blew over (it's been a year and a half!)
because it was leaning from the windy day earlier in the week.
I took a page from Chris' mom notebook and taped my kids together so they could play in the snow. She's got enough experience in this parenting thing that I figure listening to her is sort of like listening to E.F. Hutton on financial advice (at least before the check writing scandal).

Someone at our hardware store asked what I was painting.
"Nothing. Just taping the kids into their snow clothes."

If you can't be on a warm sandy beach, you can make due with snow.

What began as a row of snowmen, eventually became a snow fort.

Shortly after this was taken there was a methodically planned assault on the fort,
ensuring that their enemies would get no use of it after they left.
It involved lots of HI-YA's and giggling.

This week, we've had fog.
Mom, what are you doing?
Endangering our lives for a photo, sweetie.


Rebecca said...

HA! i read all about chris' taping technique. . . love that you did it! she's my idol; she's living the life i imagined myself living.

Anonymous said...

We've had wild weather here too -- I've taken to staying indoors lest I get stuck in five foot high snow from outta no where. :)