Monday, February 04, 2008

The Birthday Week Commences

We switched things up a little this year for E1's birthday festivities. She's having a sleep over party this weekend, so instead of having the usual Grandparents & Godparents party with a meal and cake taking up most of a day we decided that in addition to age 10 being the time of sleep over parties, it's also the time of the evening cake/ice cream party.

Yes, it started out as being mostly self-serving in that it's less work for Rob and I. However, since I first suggested the change we've come to realize that it's another step toward gradually weaning them away from expecting a huge party for their birthday every year. My plan is that by high-school or college we can move to going out to eat as a family.

Tonight was the cake/ice cream dealie - actually ice cream cake - and it went rather well. She opened gifts, we ate cake, everyone visited for a while...and then it was done. No crusty crock pots to clean, no overflowing garbage cans. White "Whitey" Whiskers even popped up on the windowledge to peer in through the open window and meow.

Tomorrow she's bringing a birthday snack to school, and tomorrow night we'll have her requested dinner and the leftover cake - she decided to save her gift from us to open after dinner. Friday night is the sleepover, and so Saturday will bring the finale of birthday week.

It's different...but still good.

And let's all ignore the voice in the background that's shrieking, "YOU'VE BEEN A PARENT FOR TEN YEARS! SHE'S TEN! YEARS! OLD!" shall we?


Robo said...

Funny, I thought I was the only one hearing the voice. It doesn't sound so much as a shriek as a voice demanding that I pay attention.

Anonymous said...

You hear the parent voice, I hear the aunt voice. I can't believe she's ten. Where has the time gone?

Aunt Christine

Glenda said...

Happy 10th Birthday to Miss E(1).

Mine is having his 10th this summer and it's hitting *me* hard!!