Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feline Devotion

Remember Mr. White "Whitey" Whiskers? Monday night, the birthday eve gathering we had for E1, the weather was particularly balmy for early February and we had the windows open so we could enjoy the balmy (and humid) air.

Whitey came to celebrate with us.

He's a lucky neighbor cat, because Aunt Amy was kind enough to gift E1 with two cans of cat food - a white cat is pictured on the label which caused E1 to declare "It's for white cats!" Whitey has enjoyed one can so far, but we try not to feed him with any regularity so his next can will have to wait a while. He's already got his ears trained on our back door and garage doors and is over like a shot when he hears them. More than once I've had to leave the van parked on the driveway to retrieve the cat from garage before closing the door.

He really wants to be our cat.

Happy Love Thursday!

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O said...

awww...that means you're someone very special if a cat selects you, as opposed to the person selecting the cat! Such a pretty cat too :)