Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Playing Along

Of my three girls, only E2 has had serious loveys during her little lifetime.

E1 has had some favorites, but never anyone that she was distressed by their absence. In other words, if we accidentally left the lovey at Grandma's she was easily placated by the explanation that said lovey was having a sleepover. Even though she's soon to be ten years old, she has a soft, stuffed doll that she'll often take along to a Grandparent sleepover.

E3 is similar, in that she likes to have a sleeping buddy, but the chosen buddy changes all the time. If I happen to choose one for her, she's just fine with it and is simply happy to have a snuggly friend.

E2, on the other hand, has had two major loveys in her 7 years. The first was Pink Baby, a soft stuffed baby doll, and the second (and still today) is Baa. Baa is a sheep, in case you were wondering at the mysterious name. Both of these loveys were gifts E1 received before E2 was born, but as she grew E2 claimed as hers. My Mom even tried buying a Yellow Baby that was similar to Pink Baby, but she wasn't an equal to Pink Baby in E2's eyes. She informed me, when she was a little older, that Yellow Baby's neck ribbon wasn't as silky as Pink Baby's. Baa too has a silky ribbon - the silky ribbons were what she would rub while sucking her thumb back in the day.

E3 now has both Pink Baby and Yellow Baby, but she calls them Star and Moon for reasons unknown.

For a while this summer I would tease E2 that Baa really wanted to be with me...particularly if Baa fell out of bed in the middle of the night.

"See? Baa was trying to get to my room last night."

One night, after she had taken an inpromptu afternoon nap in my bed and left Baa behind, I tucked Baa under my sheets with her nose peeking out just before bedtime and when E2 began looking for her I off-handedly suggested that Baa probably went to sleep in my bed. She laughingly accused me of stealing Baa until I pointed out that SHE was the one that had taken Baa into my room.

Over the summer, there was a night that the girls slept over at their cousin's...and she took a small, stuffed polar bear that she'd gotten as a prize somewhere. When I asked about Baa she assured me that Baa would be okay.

Rob and I had painted our bedroom that day, and so we slept in the girls' room that night. Delighted that I could continue the charade, I had Rob pose with Baa and me.

"Baa wanted us to sleep with her."

Happy Love Thursday!


Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny! Has E2 seen this picture?


Rebecca said...

Baa reminds me of my niece Jordyn's froggy; the thing only has one eye and one leg left, but it's the one and only in her eyes.

Lisa said...

That is so cute! Too funny.

(Seth likes to sleep with no less than 7, yes 7 animals. Even when he recently went on a sleep-over to his BFF's house, he had to have them before he could sleep. So we understand how important those loveys can be.)