Monday, November 26, 2007

Friday On Monday

I can't shake the feeling that today should be Friday.

Someone remind me to put the trash out tomorrow.

We've played so much Pay Day in the last week that I was feeling burn-out during last night's game. E2 insists on reading every advertisement and 'non-essential' piece of mail she draws; the rest of us are all "it's not a bill, your turn" as we try to maintain a forward momentum. E1 was unusually frugal during the game last night, despite our advice that taking a few risks was the only way she would earn more money. She came in last place, but with her integrity intact.

My feeling of being almost done Christmas shopping was shattered by a couple of gift exchange name draws last week.

Last dancing night for Dancing With The Stars! I'm voting for Mel and Max, I think, unless Helio and Julianne just knock my socks off tonight.

I also plan to enjoy Samantha Who?


Rebecca said...

who'd you end up voting for? i went with mel and maks. i was generally disappointed with the whole evening, though. mel and maks were very good, just not awesome. same for julianne and helio; although i did appreciate their lifts in the freestyle, i just don't think he's winner quality. and marie. . . oh lord. her first dance were horrible and looked like a practice session, and her freestyle was nothing but ridiculous. why would you play a character who can't dance when you're in a dance competition?

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

We voted mostly for Mel and Maks, with a couple of votes tossed to Helio and Julianne. I thought Helio and Julianne's freestyle was the best of the night, and I didn't want them to come in lower than Marie.

I think Marie should have gone a lot sooner - there were other 'stars' who were better skilled. I said exactly what you did - why is she pretending she can't dance??? The performance would have been perfect for the variety-type show she used to do with Donnie, but it did nothing to show off what dance skills she's learned this season.

I admire her for being in this, but she hasn't earned a win in my opinion.

Lisa said...

I am envying your bling-a-rific thingees on top of your chimney.

As for DWTS... I hear there are rumors that Marie faked her fainting spell.... Hmmm.