Sunday, November 25, 2007

Audience Participation

Now that NaBloPoMo is drawing to a close, I've been pondering a couple of things...

Why is it National? Aren't there participants from other countries?

More though, I've been thinking about other themes that could make up a month of posts. There's NaBloShoeMo, of course, but what other items could we turn into a topic for a month's worth of blog posts?

Personally, I think I could pull off NaBloSockMo as I have a much wider variety of socks at my disposal than I do shoes.

I'd venture a guess that my friend Glenda could lead the charge in NaBloCookBookMo because she likes to maintain a lively cook book collection.

What about you? If you could create your own NaBlofillintheblankMo what would it be?


Glenda said...

I guess I shouldn't mention my two latest cookbook finds . . . ;-)

Actually, I wouldn't want to blog about cookbooks for a month -- too limiting. I like the wider topic of "crafting" -- now THAT I could do!!

Rebecca said...

hmm. . . i think the only thing i have to fill an entire month would be foods i love. or places i'd like to visit. or. . . yeah, i think that's all i've got ;)