Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dancing Finale

Well, I'm slightly underwhelmed that Helio and Julianne won...even though I thought they were a really great dancing team. I truly felt that Mel and Maks were the better pair overall. Also, I think Julianne can be kind of bratty on the show.

Poor little E2 was crushed by the results, or maybe just by the late ending of the show (a.k.a. well past bedtime).

I DID like the way they brought back the dancing pairs and had some of them perform again - they always do so much better when they're not being judged. Jennie Garth in particular gave a stellar performance.

It's been an exhausting day, beginning with me yelling out in my sleep at a dog that was showing some aggressive behavior and I couldn't think like Caesar fast enough.

E1 was coughing all night long, stayed home from school today, and got a bronchitis diagnosis from the doctor. She's feeling better already, but boy is that albuterol throwing her for a loop tonight!

There's a book fair at school this week, and I'm glad E1 is feeling well enough to attend school tomorrow. You see, last year the school hit upon the grand idea of 'invite a friend to lunch' day during the book fair week. So, it winds up being 'invite a friend to lunch so you can sucker them into buying you a bunch of books'. It worked on my Dad last year, and this year both of Rob's parents will be in attendance. Draw your own conclusion on that result.

This morning, after listening to E1 cough and hack up a lung, I put my ear to her chest and could hear some minor wheezing but couldn't decide whether I should bring her to the doctor. I decided to consult her - sure she's not even ten yet, but she's never been a faker when it comes to being sick.

"I want to go to the doctor."

A reply like that makes me wish that sometimes she was a faker; to hear her essentially say that yeah, that cough is really getting bad and I can tell I need medical intervention.

At the end of our appointment, when the doctor was writing out a prescription he asked if I'd prefer the medicine in liquid or pill form. I asked how many times a day she'd be taking it and he said just once a day. I turned to E1 and told her it was her choice, since she is able to swallow pills; did she want liquid medicine or a pill?

"Ummm, liquid."

I thought to mention that the liquid might taste bad, as antibiotics often do, but I figured she had her reasons for her choice. Both of her younger sisters still take liquid medicine when the need arises and I think she was wanting to go back to her younger days.

Once we arrived home I gave her the first dose of the pink, cherry-flavored concoction. Her reaction?

"That. tastes. terrible!"

"Yeah, I wondered how it would taste...." Live and learn, right?


Glenda said...

The nice thing about E1 and my kiddo being the ages they are is that they generally *will* tell you when they feel bad enough to see a doctor. I'm glad she was able to see the doc yesterday.

I'd be a sucker for the book fair myself ;-).

Anonymous said...

How's E1 feeling?