Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Things To Fill NaBloPoMo Space

E3 wants to go back to she can eat some more of that cereal. The super magical Hawaiian cereal she's speaking of? Rice Crispies. Of course, one could argue that they taste better when you eat them out on the balcony overlooking paradise and the ocean AND use a spoon with a bamboo-like handle.

"It's like a coconut tree on the handle!"

I'm not feeling the love from E2's first grade teacher this year and there have been several things lately that have me venting and lamenting to Rob. But E2 says Mrs G is a good teacher so maybe I should shut-it for a while and suck-up with a Christmas gift like I always do(winery gift certificate, because teachers are worthy of drunkeness! Actually, I leave the certificate blank - totally paving the way for any re-gifting they might choose to do).

E1's health is markedly improved from Tuesday, and if the classmate that had an emergency appendectomy about a week ago would return to class all would be pretty much right in her world.

E1 and E2 had toasted ravioli for the first time tonight. All the St Lou area readers are throwing marinara sauce at me now, I know. They're FINALLY choosing menu items besides chicken strips and cheese burgers and I owe it all to The Food Network - I'll have to write about that one of these days.

Now go on home and let me get to sleep - I have a long day tomorrow that includes shopping with my Mom for all the grandkids. It's mentally challenging for me to keep up with what we got for this one and what we still need for that one and let's not forget to look for this. I may need to break open my emergency bar of dark chocolate.

Stay tuned.


Rebecca said...

Yummm. . . dark chocolate. And The Food Network. Two of my favorite things.

Glenda said...

Andrew watches the Food Network with me -- he thinks Alton Brown is a hoot and he (A.B.) makes cooking interesting. We're also big fans of Iron Chef.

A couple years ago I went with my mom to help her do Christmas shopping for the grandkids and it definitely wore me out!! Hope y'all managed to get it all done today.