Friday, December 15, 2006

Random Things

To keep my brain from exploding, I'm going to spew out a few things that are floating around in there with the hope that they'll leave me alone.

I have a lot of gift wrapping to do - for myself, and for my Mother-in-law.

The Christmas concert for E1 & E2's gradeschool happened Wed. E3 and F, spoiled by the highly entertaining programs the KG has put on so far this year, were eager to go home halfway through the show.

I need to bake the cookies for Sunday before I eat all the dough.

Sunday is the Christmas play at church. E2 is singing with her Sunday School class, and E1 is singing with the Children's choir. Last Sat at practice she was recruited to be a shepherd*. It's a non-speaking role, and she was pretty pleased to be 'needed' for that even though she didn't want to try-out for a role at the beginning.

*Shepherd is the word I missed in the spelling bee back in 8th grade. I forgot the second 'h'.

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