Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cheap Date

Well, really, cheap entertainment would be more accurate.

E1, E2, Mom and I attended the Christmas concert at my old high school tonight. Good times, including forced audience participation in singing The Twelve Days of Christmas. This year, we were in the back and got lumped in with the Twelve Drummers Drumming crowd. One year, though, we were with the Partridges in a Pear Tree which was exhausting since the whole group stands to sing their part. Highly entertaining, and often hilarious, it's an event we look forward to every year for that song alone. The cookies and hot cocoa are a bonus.

I'm still busy...but I've got the calendars orderd, as well as the Christmas cards. I think I'm pretty much done with shopping, with maybe a minor thing to pick up here or there. I need to get to wrapping all the things the girls can't wrap for me (like their own gifts from the big man), and I promised Grandma Carol I'd wrap her stuff too.

I wanted to add the lyrics to Busy Busy Busy from Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens album, but I couldn't find them on a quick search...I'm going to wing (HA!) the first verse from memory...(imagine Kevin Kline singing)

We're very very busy
And we've got a lot to do
And we haven't got a minute
To explain it all to you
For on SundayMondayTuesday
There are people we must see
And on WednesdayThursdayFriday
We're as busy as can be!
With our most important meetings
And our most important calls
And we have to do so many things
And post them on the walls

That about sums things up for me. I'm really missing reading all my usual blogs.

For those of you interested in spreading some Holiday Elfin Magic, check out the ad for "The Find" on the right sidebar of this blog. If you enter a search for anything with the word "red" in it, they will donate $1 to Doctors without Borders , with the goal of a $10,000 donation. Go do some clicking in the interest of peace on Earth and good will towards man, because it's fun to see all the "red" things you can search for over there.

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