Sunday, November 19, 2006

Under The Influence Of The Internet

I have less than ten minutes to get a blog post in for today.

Last night Rob and I attended a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend of ours. There was lots of yummy, snacky food, lots of our friends, and lots of beer. I have a personal drinking limit, and I know when I've reached it if I find myself talking to myself in the restroom. Seriously. I'll be in there and suddenly find myself chuckling about some comment I've heard and realize that hey, maybe I should switch to soda.

So, there I was last night. In the restroom (a single seater), chuckling at the sight of the toilet paper roll. You see, earlier this month I'd read this post and the comments that followed. In a moment of what I thought was utter hilarity, I folded the ends of the toilet paper just like the hotels do - thinking, HA the next person that comes in here is going to wonder what THAT'S all about and have no idea who did it!

Except, as I left the restroom someone walked directly past me to enter. Someone I know.

I switched to soda.


Anonymous said...

That's hysterically funny!!!!!! You crack me up Nancy!


Elizabeth said...

The link in your post went to the Blogger sign in page, but are you talking about Amalah's post about which way the t.p. should be hung? (Over, not under, of course :)

Mom Nancy said...

Yes, it did, Elizabeth. I didn't realize the link wasn't correct. I try to do those from memory, unfortunately my memory sucks when it comes to links and it takes me forever to accomplish.

Off to attempt a fix...

Lisa said...

I bet you and Robo are TONS of fun at parties. Especially after you find yourself talking to the toilet paper! :-)

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha, now THAT was funny!!! Yes, we will definitely have to get together one of these days ;-)