Friday, November 03, 2006

A Career With A Future

A week or so ago, the E's school celebrated Red Ribbon Week . Each day was themed, such as 'wear red day' and, 'wear sweats day'. One day in particular was 'career/dress professional day' because "We're too professional to do drugs", which ?. Whatever. As if being 'professional' has ever stopped anyone, you know?

At any rate, the girls chose their professions for the day.

E1 was an artist.

This was not as surprising choice. Through all her growing-up ideas of what she wants to BE, artist has always been on the list. Hearing this usually causes Rob to mumble things about reliable career choices, but I like to take her other career ideas and tack artist on to it. Teacher? She could be an art teacher and travel to see famous art on her summer vacations! Author? She could illustrate her own books! Scientist? She could illustrate science books (because books like that NEED illustrations)!

E1 dressed in black and wore a white beret (that I later realized was a size 3-5yrs from Children's Place). I suggested the paintbrush through the pony tail, but she was unsure until I snapped this photo of the back of her head.

Regretably, I didn't snap a photo of E2 that day. She chose to be an employee of the Company that employs Rob. She wore one of Rob's golf shirts with the work logo.

The shirt was a men's large.

E2 wears a kids size 4/5.

So, we belted the shirt because belts fix everything. She wore tights and dress shoes to finish off her professional look.

When they returned from school I was eager to hear how the artist look went over, and when E1 reported that everyone knew what she was and thought the paintbrush was cool I said, "SEE?" in that I Told You So way that we Moms have. Her teacher was also an artist - wearing a black beret. Brownie points!

I asked E2 about her day, anticipating stories of teachers being amused by her outift.

Me: Did everyone know what you were dressed as?

E2: I don't know.

Me: Well, did anyone say anything about your shirt?

E2: No.

Me: Did anyone ask you about it?

E2: No.

E1: J (E1's classmate)did. Remember? As we were walking home from school she said, "E2, what are you supposed to be?"

She didn't seem bothered by the lack of interest or understanding, and when offered the option of changing into play clothes decided to keep on her Dad shirt.

I keep wondering what the adults in school thought about her 'professional' outfit. Did they realize what the shirt was? Maybe they're not familiar with Rob's company, but they didn't even ask her, which I find weird because she looked SILLY. Little pipsqueak wearing an adult shirt that goes down almost to her ankles, belted with a sparkly pink heart belt.

Not one bit of curiosity.

I wish I'd taken a picture.

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