Saturday, November 04, 2006

Playlist for a Saturday

The last two Saturdays we've been home to putter around and accomplish errands and general household chores. At some point, we pull up the music on the computer upstairs to accompany our busyness and everyone takes turns adding a couple of songs here and there. Sometimes, we just pull up the whole list and let it play in shuffle mode. It makes for an interesting soundtrack to the day because of the wide selection of music we have uploaded for our entertainment.

We're a household of five, three of those being children; children who own children's music cd's. The playlist can go from Lenny Kravitz to Barbie music, to Bing Crosby. This is a snapshot of a portion of the full list.


Hook, by Blues Traveler
Hooked on a Feeling, by Dr Hook
Hooked on a Feeling, by Captain Hook (that would be the character singing karaoke on the SHREK soundtrak)

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