Thursday, November 02, 2006


Our Halloween went well. My photos of the girls aren't the best they could be...the day of Halloween I read a tip online suggesting dressing the kids up a day or so early and letting them play while shooting photos. This allows for a much more relaxed, sugar-free atmosphere. Great idea! I just learned about it a bit too late.

So, that photo is from Sunday night at Mom and Dad's.

Tuesday night, the girls had a blast. E3, particularly, seemed to enjoy yelling "TRICK-OR-TREAT!" and being rewarded with candy. After cruising our neighborhood, they trooped through the house to empty their bags, and head to the van for continued fun at Great-Grandma's and various Aunt's and Uncle's homes. Grandma Carol and I took the opportunity to sort the candy into 'peanut' and 'no-peanut' bowls, so we'd have an E3 safe bowl of goods at the ready when the returned. It worked out well, giving them some candy to eat while we sorted through the new stuff.

We had more Trick-or-Treaters than ever, a nice surprise, considering our neighborhood is mostly elderly people and we're close to the commercial area of town. Still, we had a good portion of our give-away candy still here at the end of the night. There were a lot of creative costumes, one of the coolest being a kid dressed in John Deere clothing and driving his JD four-wheeler/gator thing. My brother reported that his neighbor's son did something similar; dressed in camouflage, driving his John-Deere, with Dad's deer-statue lying across the back...he was a deer hunter!

There was no good time, in the days leading up to Halloween, to carve our pumpkins so we're having some post-halloween carving tonight. Also, we didn't get to make Halloween cookies like the girls wanted to, even though I had the pre-made dough tube there in the fridge. Now that we have all that junk in the house I'm not particularly excited about making them at all. The dough may have to wait a few weeks for Thanksgiving and become Turkey cookies.

This feels like such a choppy report, but Blogger is still being weird - there's an extreme time delay on the typed words appearing on the screen - and I'm worried it's going to toss my post into oblivion. So, this is the end!

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