Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Illinois Schools observe Casimir Pulaski Day in early March. Missouri Schools don't. Therefore, it's a perfect day for us to go to the zoo!An extended family member was in Children's Hospital, which borders the east side of Forest Park, so we stopped there first for a quick hello visit.

The penguins were enjoying the sun.
There was a party in Hippo Harbor.

The elephants were front and center.

The river otters were show-offs.

The stalker chickens are still there. Did I mention the stalker chickens after our last visit? The last time we were at the Children's Zoo there was a new addition - chickens. E1 and I were convinced they were stalking us, as every time we turned around they were THERE. It seemed as though there were even more on this day.

Some people think the reason we go to the zoo is to play on the playgrounds.

Once around on the Zoo Train.

We sat in the WAY BACK and got to say "All Aboard!" at all but one stop. I think the two other people riding the train appreciated it.

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