Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busch Three

The girls and I gave Rob a tour of New Busch Stadium for Christmas. I knew it was something he'd enjoy since we'd also toured the previous Busch Stadium and it was something we could do as a family, and...I used a Groupon for it - SCORE!

As a side bonus, touring the stadium was also #51 on my Life List.

We got to tour the Cardinal's Dugout, and the fancy restaurant that leads down to the fancy-has-waiters green seats, and the big fancy party room/box.

We saw the old score boards, frozen in time, never to have someone behind them changing the scores as games are played.

The party room boasts a collection of World Series programs.

The stadium has two tours at 11am, and two at 1pm, and all four tours were sold-out this day.
They expect it to continue that way until the home opener on March 31st.

The stadium still has lines that mark where left, right, and center field used to be in the previous stadium, and several copies of this plaque showing how the new stadium overlapped the old.

There is quite a collection of statues of previous Cardinal players.

We parked across from the TUMS building, which isn't really related to the tour but I liked the sign.

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