Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Schwinn Is Gone

We traded him in for a treadmill.

I used The Schwinn a lot more when we had it out in the TV room and I could watch TV while riding. Then we had a family party and moved The Schwinn into the office to get it out of the way...and, later, cleaned out the office and realized we had plenty of room in there for the bike AND the treadmill we decided to borrow temporarily from Rob's parents.

There's the borrowed treadmill peeking into the right side of the photo...and the extra fan, propped up on a empty box because The Schwinn's fan seemed to be aimed at riders who are six feet tall. Short people aren't supposed to sweat, who knew? Oh, and random weights on the carpet remnant to try to eliminate bumps. We are fancy, in case you didn't gather that from the paneling and wall-board.

Turns out, entertainment is kind of essential for me to use exercise equipment. I soon took to propping the laptop up on the treadmill's dashboard to watch episodes of my favorite TV shows online.

Recently, the in-laws mentioned they wanted their treadmill back...and Rob has been using an elliptical machine and a treadmill when he works out at the gym. Our basement ceiling is too low for your average elliptical machine, so the search for a treadmill began.

We found at our local Play It Again Sports. Even though they mostly deal in used sports equipment, they also carry a line of new treadmills and other exercise machines...or something. When placing it in our space, we faced it in the opposite direction that our previous machines faced and now I can watch TV episodes on the desktop computer - so I'm not hassling with carting the laptop around.

We haven't named it yet, but we may go with the obvious "Horizon"...

...or maybe "Big H".

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