Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sky Is Falling: Sleet/Ice/Snow Edition

A winter storm is headed our way. Rain, then freezing rain...or maybe sleet? Then it's going to leave us at least an inch of ice, maybe more! And then snow! Could be one inch, could be 18"!


I had a couple of errands to run today, before the storm (whatever it may be) arrives, so I don't have to go traipsing out in the mess. I had a plan. A plan to get those errands taken care of, do the usual weekly grocery shopping, and the ever-present laundry, dishes, try to recover from the weekend before next weekend arrives.

Then two kids stayed home sick. And needed appointments at the doctor.

So my day was more like...scarf down breakfast, do dishes, call doctor, start laundry, run errands, text home to have one kid make sure she and the other kid are both ready to leave for the doctor's office. Stop home to unload errand items, take kids to doctor. WAIT. See doctor, grab lunch, stop at pharmacy/grocery to pick up meds and stuff on weekly grocery list (all those other panicked shoppers were STRESSING ME OUT man! I just want my stuff!) Stop at home to unload groceries and leave kids unpacking to go to the meat market, gas station, and post office. Return home to find oldest kid sleeping, and youngest playing quietly. Send youngest to bed for a nap (if you stay home sick you have to nap, says Mama), and close eyes for 15 minutes. Middlest daughter returns from school with bulging backpack (homework for three!), so drive her over to fill-in for oldest's doggie duties (letting dog out after school). Return home, thank middlest for her helpfulness and let her pick a snack, look through sick girls' homework. Remember the laundry, switch and start a new load. Oldest wakes after 2 1/2 hour nap. Star dinner. Youngest wakes after 1 hour nap. Homework. Dinner. Dishes. Fold and put away laundry.

So, I'm not really up for panicking all chicken-little style, you know? I'm going to inflate the air bed in case the power goes out and we have to sleep by the fireplace. That's it. The weather is the weather whether I panic or not.

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