Tuesday, September 07, 2010

All That And Processed Meat

It's been quite a weekend. A long one, of course, with the Labor Day Holiday in there, but busy too. Friday was Grandparents' Day at school and I served the Grandparents and Christine lunch (having picked up Christine after her flight so she could be here to surprise the girls and her parents), Rob and the girls camped out at the pond on Friday night, Saturday E1 went to a birthday party and there was a Family Fun shindig here in town, Sunday niece G was baptised and that evening we went back out to the pond for a bonfire and more s'mores...and yesterday, we just collapsed and hung around here for a while.

In the midst of all that was funeral preparations for Aunt L's father, who was buried today...a burial with military honors. I've never been to a burial with military honors, and I wasn't there today either because I babysat a couple of Aunt L's grandchildren.
While hanging with the kiddos I ate a slice of bologna. When and why did I stop eating bologna? That stuff is tasty.

Rain has moved in since this morning and it's got me feeling like I could just snuggle in bed. But I can't. I've got three loads of laundry to fold and then I have to go cover E1's 'let the dog out' job. Why can't E1 cover her 'let the dog out' job today? She has art club after school. Last year, E2 covered for her on art club days, but this month E2 has basketball practice after school on art club days. Adding to that today, I had previously (as in, before we learned of the basketball practice) scheduled haircuts for all three girls because it's picture day at school tomorrow.

Right. And E2 and E3 both have soccer practice tonight...if the rain doesn't cancel things.

Really, when did we become people with kids involved in too much stuff? Actually, I think the reality hit me the night we got the basketball practice schedule. I honestly didn't realize basketball would be beginning so soon...I thought it would just overlap the end of soccer.

Wrong. September and October are going to get a little crazy; time to strap-in!

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