Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birthday Spoils

Flowers from our sweet nieces R and G (the flowers in the background are E3's get well flowers) (I changed their water right after this photo).A kickin' new camera bag from my E's.
And my blog archives in book form from my sweetie.

I'm still processing that one because it's pretty overwhelming...really? Four volumes? So far, all of what I've written is familiar...but I've forgotten many of the comments, which are funny to read again. E1 has worked her way through Vol I and has started Vol II...and she keeps reading/quoting things to me like maybe I've never heard it before, which is a bit odd. Overall though, it's very cool...and clearly, if E1 is so enamored with it then it's a good source of family stories for them when I'm old and cranky and just want to be left alone with my 12 cats.
My birthday itself was very busy, especially the afternoon and evening; I donated blood, made dinner, helped get two kids ready for soccer practice, and went to parent information night at school all before we could finally have birthday ice cream.

All in all, it was a very delightful birthday!


Robo said...

Uhhh, where would you have moved to so that you could have 12 cats? Or is that the plan for when you outlive me?

Ali said...

Ooh! Blog archives in book form, very tempting. Can I get the details on how & how much, Rob?

Glenda said...

That's a gorgeous camera bag! Love the color.

Very cool about getting your blog archives in book form.

badgermama said...

Oh, I love the book archive! You should have your own swag too... a mug and a tshirt!

But that's a really cool present for a blogger. I'm so stealing that idea.

Robo said...

Ali, suffice it to say that it was very time consuming and not inexpensive. I had to download each post as a separate file via Adobe Standard. Then I went to each file and chopped off the extra pages that are essentially blank except for the ads in the sidebar. I have a friend in marketing who knew a publisher who gave me an awesome deal, but otherwise you're looking at several hundred dollars for the 4 volumes of about 280 pages each that Nancy had. I had originally wanted to do a hardcover/leatherbound thing but price was extremely high.

My marketing friend noted the irony in printing an online blog. Also be advised that links don't always show up once downloaded into a PDF, and photos can be a bit grainy.

If you give your email address to Nancy I can give you as detailed information as you'd like.