Friday, August 13, 2010

Poolside In Texas

Our first full day visiting Christine in Texas was spent in the pool. In the morning cousin J and her three kiddos came by to swim with us...but I left my camera bag in the apartment. That afternoon, however, I took some photos; I also took some later in our visit...on the lovely day when Rob and Christine took all three girls to Six Flags Over Texas while I shopped and read my book in the pool. Heaven.

Pretty flowering tree.

The lower pool.

Sunscreen application was odd on this day...I managed to completely miss my right arm, Christine and Rob both got sunburns as well.
The waterfall fountain.

More pretty flowers.

The lamppost wearing a palm tree.

The man appearing to sunbathe nude.

The area that's good for morning shade.

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Glenda said...

Cool that you had a chance to shop and hang at the pool while everyone else was tromping around sweating their rears off at Six Flags!

The plant with that pretty yellow & orange flower is, I'm pretty sure, a lantana. We have them in our flowerbed -- they survive 100+ temps and minimal water quite well and make the prettiest flowers.