Monday, August 09, 2010

The Food Network Will Be Calling Any Minute

I recently discovered the beauty of rotisserie chicken. I know, you're probably wondering how this could possibly be a recent discovery...rotisserie chicken is always right there at the deli counter, beckoning with it's wonderful aroma. And you'd be right - it is.

Unless you do your grocery shopping right around the time they first set those babies to roasting - at that time of the morning, at least in my grocery store, there are no tasty chickens available. And so, it has only been since this summer - when I've pushed off the grocery shopping for the entire morning and finally schlepped over there after lunch, that I've discovered the awesomeness of a rotisserie chicken.

My first purchase was a garlic-enhanced chicken and I my mind was running with possibilities! I settled on tracking down some rice and stir-fry vegetable mix to create an Asian-esque meal. What I found in the frozen veggie section was this:

About half of the chicken (sans skin, although the skin was tasty I'll admit) combined with this rice stir fry was quite delicious. Rob, E1, and I loved it...E2 and E3 not so much - there was trading of water chestnuts, soy beans, and red peppers among them all. We've never had leftovers of this dish.
The best part? Not only is the entire meal contained in one dish, I put the other half of the chicken in the freezer and made it again a week later.

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