Friday, July 09, 2010

Scenes From A Small Town Parade

These were shot from the yard of a party we were at on the 'new' side of town, as opposed to where we live in the 'old' part of town...we're closer walking distance to all the businesses though so HA!
That's E1 towering over her small flock of candy-grabbers.
Bring on the candy! This is the first year our little town had a parade - the brainstorm of the Mayor and some others from two former organizations that have consolidated to form one community organization. It's nearing election time, so there was a lot of political representation in the parade, but the parade was open to anyone...even people like this:

Doubling your can coolie doubles your can coolness, yo.

Our Daisy Scouts had an entry, showing off all the Daisy Scout petals they earned this year.

E3 reportedly threw candy like she was bailing water.

There were random scooter guys imitating The Shriner's routine...word on the parade route was that they were missing one scooter guy - he broke his ankle practicing for their parade performance.

One man's passion was also his parade entry...

Oh look! A mish-mash of kids decked-out in patriotic dress...and singing KARAOKE! Dude, it's like a Party in the U.S.A.! Which was also their float's title.

E2 practicing her adoring crowd wave.

Then we all sat around and waited for the fireworks, which... didn't start for another two hours. I think they should have kept the Karaoke kids circling the parade route until then, don't you? Maybe I'll suggest they practice a few more songs before next year.

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