Friday, July 02, 2010

Ready To Rock The Weekend

Not really - there's a lot of dusting and decluttering that still needs to happen - but it sounded good when it rolled through my head. I took a bunch of pictures at E2's game last night, 234 before I deleted the out of focus shots.

Chevrolet has a Summer Youth Baseball program where they're supporting local youth leagues and the team coach wanted to send our local Chevy Dealer some pictures of the girls wearing the shirts they gave the team. I hope he leaves out the one where there's a Ford truck driving by in the background.

Battle Armor

Future Spokes model/Athlete or just a goofball?


Anonymous said...

I vote goofball since she is her father's daughter.


Anonymous said...

That last picture is FABULOUS!! It dawned on me when I saw it that E2 shows up in photos least here. Is she your more camera-shy E?


Nancy R said...

That's funny, Glenda, because she's definitely NOT camera shy...maybe she just moves around the most!

Supposedly, some of the photos Chevy receives MAY be used in commercials - we'll see.

And dang, I'm at the wrong computer to sign up for your new blog. I'll get there, I promise!