Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Sort Of Like Camping

Last week one day I noticed our fridge didn't sound right...the usual kick-on sounded different and it would only run for a short time before kicking-off again. That evening, before I could remember to tell Rob that it sounded different, I noticed water running down the front from the water/ice dispenser area. It turned out that the water was from the ice in the freezer melting and dripping out of the ice dispenser. Luckily for us, Rob's sister Christine was visiting from Texas - it's part of every visiting Texan's dream visit to Illinois, ya'll...helping to empty a fridge and freezer and cram all the contents into another fridge that is a bit smaller and already has stuff in it. We know how to party here in the Midwest!

So, we've been making lots of trips down the stairs to get food to take back upstairs to cook and eat. Tomorrow I hope to make time to put our 'snack station' downstairs to work as our temporary kitchen. I fully realize this is a privileged inconvenience to be dealing really has me appreciating having my kitchen and my refrigerator in the same space and on the same level.

The fridge has been diagnosed with "the compressor's out" by repair man Ken...and the repair is a bit pricey, but still quite a bit cheaper than replacing...and the repair? It will tickle my sister Amy to learn the repair has to be done in Ken's shop because...he's gotta use a torch! A blow torch! And he doesn't want to mess up my floor - which is sort of a joke in itself, but considering we grew up in a household where the blow torch is to us what duct tape is to others...well, let's just say I had a hard time not giggling when I was on the phone with Ken.

Exhibit A: kitchen floor

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