Monday, May 10, 2010

Bulleted Information

Hello! Catching up in bullet-style:
  • I had a terrific Mother's day...breakfast at the American Legion, my girls singing in church, lunch in bed while watching James Bond, hanging out with family, and home-made cards. Oh, and tickets for the five of us to see Wicked!
  • I think my ankle is turning arthritic or something...I sprained it several years ago and every now and then over the years it's felt stiff, but lately it's like that all the in, I rotate and stretch my ankles every morning before I get out of bed. This morning it bothered me on my morning walk, affecting my stride and causing me to stop a few times and stretch it before cutting my walk short. Makes me feel old.
  • There is a pair of Cardinal birds nesting in the honeysuckle growing at the end of the back porch...the babies are forever cheeping, cheeping, cheeping to the point that I'm starting to wish I could help the parents with the feeding process.
  • I think Niecy Nash will be leaving Dancing With The Stars tomorrow night.
  • My oldest, E1, and I will be viewing Mean Girls tomorrow night because, sadly, she's reaching the Mean Girl phase of her life, sigh...
  • I've almost finished adding call letters to all the biography & autobiography books in the school library.
  • It's more difficult than you might think to find a summer writing camp for kids.

It's getting to be that time of year where school stuff is winding down and summer stuff is starting up...a time when I always tell myself that things will slow down once the kids are out of school...but then school ends and things don't really slow down at all.

Hopefully I can keep up around here...


Glenda said...

When will y'all see Wicked?

My knee can relate to the arthritic pain your ankle feels :(. My recovery time after doing step aerobics or running the steps at the dam is now several days, rather than just a day or two. I'm looking forward to being able to swim this summer -- shouldn't have any knee complaints about THAT.

Aw, I'm sorry to hear E1 is reaching the Mean Girl phase.

Anne said...

I found you with the 'next blog' button at the top of blogger. I, too, have a nest of cardinals, but my family is right outside my bedroom window. The babies just hatched and haven't started cheeping yet. The mom is already mad at me because I open the window to check on them.

I'll have a 15yo daughter in two months, I hope she doesn't get meaner.

Nancy R said...

Glenda, Wicked will be in June. I got the soundtrack from the library so we can hear all the music before the show - I can't wait!

Anne, the Cardinals' chirping doesn't last too long before they fly the nest. The last time we had them in that same vine I did some reading and learned that Cardinals will often have two nests going at once, starting the second once the eggs in the first nest hatch. I think that our pair have their second nest in an evergreen tree in our front yard. It's nice that with three kids running around our yard is still considered a good home for the birds!

Nancy R said...

Oh, and E1 isn't mean, lol! But she's dealing with mean girl issues at school, unfortunately.